‘BikePass Trio’ User Guide  

Package Includes:

  • 2 Frame sets (Main & Sub, Shown as #1 in below left)

  • 1 Main-bar set (Shown as #2 in below left)

  • 1 Bracket set (Shown as #3 in below left)

  • 3 Stabilizers (Shown as below right, 2 long & 1 short)

Frame set Connection_Trio



Carries 1-3 bikes (Except MTB DHs, Fat Bikes, Mini-velo under 20”)


Galvinized Steel (Premium Model → Stainless Steel/STS304), except minor parts


Main Frame set:   23.2*17.5*1.8” (590*450*45mm)

Sub Frame set:   22.4*17.5*1.8” (570*450*45mm)

Main-bar:   1*1*20-40” (25*25*500-1,000mm), selectable

Bracket:   12.5*9*3.5” (320*230*90mm)

Stabilizer:   2*1.5*9/16” (50*40*230/400mm)

Fork mount:     

100mm or 75mm width, selectively                                                                                                                        (Fork with 9mm open drop-outs is regarded as the standard, while fork with 15mm thru-axle requires an optional adapter.)

Total Weight:

25.4lbs (11.5kg)




1 Year

* For the quality improvement, design & parts are subject to change without prior notice.

** A 19mm(3/4″) Ratchet Wrench(or Spanner) is required for initial installation, and through the entire installation procedures, ‘Left’ & ‘Right’ are judged by the view from the BACK of the vehicle. And the vehicle demonstrated here is a ‘Left Side Drive use’.


A. Main-bar Installation

1. Loosen the eyebolts at both ends of the Main-bar evenly by 2-3” (50-75mm, Below left). Please note that the bolt & nut at ‘L’ side are left-handed screws, whereas those at ‘R’ side are right-handed screws.

2. Wide open the Quick links of both ends by loosening the nut screws. (Below right)

Main-bar Bolt Loosening#2
Main-bar Quicklink Opening#2

3. Connect the Quick links to the floor hooks & fasten the nut screws.(Below left) The ‘L’ side of the Main-bar should be placed at the ‘Left’ floor hook.

4. Pull & Rotate the Main-bar toward the back of the vehicle(“↓Fasten”) as shown above right, so that the Main-bar set is appropriately fastened. Do not rotate it too much as the floor hooks can be broken by excessive forces.

** Incase a karabiner substituted for a quick link, just hook it up. **

Main-bar Hooks Connecting#1
Main-bar Rotating

B.  Bracket Installation

1. Pull entirely out the left-most headrest from the 60% part of the 2nd row split-folding seat-back.

2. Place the Bracket onto the position where the headrest was placed. (Below left)

3. Re-install the headrest to its original position and make sure that the headrest supports went through the Bracket fixing bolts. (Below right)

Bracket position
Headrest Re-installing

4. Tighten softly the Bracket fixing nuts with a 19mm(3/4″) spanner. (Below left)

5. Fold down (Full-flat) the seat-back UNTIL it is securely locked. (Below right) Seat-back without locking mechanism needs to be locked manually for stability.

Bracket Fixing
Bracket Moving

C.  Frame set Installation

1. Attach the Frame sets each to the Main-bar & Bracket by simply fastening 2 knobs as shown below.

Frame Installing_Trio

2.  The Frame sets should face each other after installed as shown below.

(Ford New-Explorer: The Frame sets should be attached in the same direction. It’s because the floor hooks are located inside around 17” away from the tailgate.)

Frame Alignment_Trio

Bicycle Loading:

A.  Remove the front wheels of the bicycles to be loaded and lower down the saddles to the lowest positions. (In some cases, the saddle has to completely be removed. So, mark or remember the original heights of the saddles.) And, remove the mirrors, if there is any, attached to the ends of the handlebars.

B.  Get the holders (Fork & Rear wheel holder) of the Frame sets ready. (Below left)

Frame_Get ready_Trio
Bike Loading_Center_Trio

C.  Remove only the pedal of the drive side of the bicycle to be loaded first.

D. Load the 1st bicycle FORWARD (Front & Rear of the vehicle & bicycle are at the same direction.) onto the center holders first. (Above right) Fasten tightly the Fork holder knob & buckle up the wheel strap as shown below.

Fork Holder Fastening
Rear-wheel Buckle-up

E.  Load carefully the 2nd & 3rd bicycles BACKWARD (Front & Rear of the vehicle & bicycle are at the opposite direction.) onto the left & right side holderd each as below. Please make sure that there is no interference between pedals when the bicycles are loaded. Fasten tightly the Fork holder knobs & buckle up the wheel straps as well.

Bike Loading_Left side_Trio
Bike Loading_Right side_Trio

F.  Check if the gaps between bicycles &/or vehicle are OK (around 1”). If any parts are too close to each other or any contacts between parts are found, move the position of the Fork holders forward or backward. To do that, the following tools are required.

* 2 of 14mm spanner (one should be an open-ended)

G.  If no further contacts are found, install stabilizers lastly. Adjust the length of the longer stabilizers properly by loosening the knob first. Install it between the bicycles & headrest of the 40% part of the 2nd row seat, as shown below left. Install the shorter stabilizer between bicycles as well as shown below right. And, check once more if the knobs of the stabilizers are securely fastened.

** As the stabilizers are ESSENTIAL to maximize the stability of bicycles to be carried, installing of stabilizers shouldn’t be skipped.

Stabilizer Installing_Frame to Headrest
Stabilizer Installing_Frame to Frame

H. To load a bicycle with 15mm Through-Axle fork, install the ’15mm Through-Axle adapter’ to the fork first (Below left, sold separately), then fix the adapter onto the fork holder. (Below right)

15TA Adapter Installing
15TA Fork Loading

** Front wheels are recommended to be placed in the space (Leg room) between the 1st row seat-back and the 2nd row seat.

** When you carry just one bicycle, fasten the knobs of the Fork holder not in use and buckle up the wheel strap to minimize noises.