‘BikePass Duo’, DETACHABLE  Inside Car Bike Rack for SUV

Have you ever been nervous when you carry bicycles attached to or hanged outside of your vehicle?                                                                                  Or, do you worry about the robbery when you stop over?                                                                                                                                                            There is no way to avoid the bad weather on the road, isn’t it?                                                                                                                                                    Does the wind noise make you annoyed, worse than expected?                                                                                                                                                    Even, was it too heavy to upload the bicycles to the roof rack of your vehicle after riding?

Now, if you go along with ‘BikePass Duo‘, those problems can be solved all at once!


‘BikePass Duo’ is an Inside Car Bike Rack/Carrier designed to carry 1 to 2 bicycles by utilizing the Extended Cargo Space of medium to large sized SUVs/CUVs.

‘Extended Cargo Space’ means 60% of Trunk space PLUS 60% of Folded Seat-back space (Full-flat) of the 2nd row seats, or simply means 60% of the space behind the 1st row seats.

(Refer to the right photos.)

Once installed, you don’t have to completely uninstall ‘BikePass Duo’ when not in use, if you like. Just detach the frame sets first, by simply loosening 2 knobs each from the main-bar & the rear bracket. Then, make the seat-back stand in the upright position.

That’s it! Now, you can use the 2nd row seats & the trunk almost as usual. (Below photos)

2nd-row Seat
Seatback_Normal Position

Unlike other inside racks, ‘BikePass Duo’ has adopted ‘3-points Support System’.

This means ‘BikePass Duo’ provides 3 types of support: Fork, Rear Wheel & Frame support as shown below. This unique design has radically enhanced the stability of bicycles being carried by minimizing swinging & rolling of bicycles.

And it has also minimized possible noises caused by carrier &/or bicycles compare to the carriers simply relying on the seat belts.

* Korea Patents(10-1519296, 30-0783780) & USA Patent(US 9,527,455 B2) are Registered.

Loaded_Bracket side_Duo
Stabilizer set


Compare to the racks attached outside the vehicle, ‘BikePass Duo’ has the benefits as below.

  • Free from Falling crash of bicycles

  • Free from Bicycle robbery

  • Free from the Wind noise by the rack or bicycles

  • Bicycles can perfectly be protected from the Unexpected bad weather.

  • Auxiliary license plate is not required to be attached.

  • Vehicle is 100% safe from the Damages caused by the rack.

  • 75mm or 100mm width of fork can selectively be mounted, without any modification.(Below left photo)

Loaded Fork Variation
Floor Hook Location_Duo
  • ‘BikePass Duo’ can be upgraded to ‘BikePass Trio’ which can carry up to 3 bikes, by simply adding/replacing some parts. (Please ask us for the details.)

Prerequisites :

There are a couple of prerequisites to use ‘BikePass Duo’, because it is installed INSIDE the vehicle.

  • Firstly, your vehicle must have a pair of floor hooks (tie-down hooks) for cargo net installed ON (Not Above) the floor, near the tailgate. (Above right) And the 2nd row seat should be capable of 60:40 split-folding.

  • Secondly, you have to make sure that the bicycles you want to carry can safely be loaded into your vehicle. It’s because hundreds of thousands combinations/mixes of vehicles & bicycles can be existed.

More specifically, if your vehicle is one of those listed below or larger than those in its inner space, your vehicle is believed to have enough space to carry your bicycle(s).


          Manufacturer                                        Vehicle Model

          Audi                                                        Q5, Q7

          BMW                                                       X5

          Chevrolet                                               Captiva, Orlando

          Ford                                                         New Explorer

          Honda                                                     CR-V, Pilot

          Hyundai Motors                                    Maxcruz, SantaFe, Veracruz

          Infiniti                                                      QX60

          Jeep                                                          New Grand Cherokee

          Kia Motors                                              Mohave, New Sorento

          Land Rover                                             Discovery/Sport, Range Rover

          Mercedes Benz                                      ML, GLK, GLS, GLE

          Nissan                                                      Pathfinder

          Renault Samsung                                  QM6

          Volkswagen                                            Touareg

          Volvo                                                        XC90

          (And many more…..)

Specifications :

  • Capacity:                              Carries 1 to 2 bicycles

  • Material:                              Galvanized Steel(Premium model –> Stainless steel/STS304), except minor parts

  • Fork mount:                        100mm or 75mm width, selectively

  • Color:                                   Silver

  • Warranty:                            1 Year

  • Total Weight:                      20lbs (9kg)

  • Dimensions:                       Frame set:   17.5*17.5*1.8″ (450*450*45mm)                                                                                                                                 Main-bar:   1*1*20-40″ (25*25*500-1,000mm), selectable                                                                                                           Bracket:   12.5*9*3.5″ (320*230*90mm)                                                                                                                                           Stabilizer: 2*1.5*9/16″ (50*40*230/400mm)

  • Package size:                      36*20*4″ (910*490*90mm)

  • Package Includes:             Frame 2 sets (incl. 2 wheel straps)                                                                                                                                                     Main-bar 1 set                                                                                                                                                                                       Bracket 1 set                                                                                                                                                                                         Stabilizer 1 set (1 long & 1 short)

* MTB DHs, MTBs with the fork longer than 120mm travel, Fat Bikes & Mini-sprinters under 20″ cannot be loaded.

** 15mm Through-Axle Fork requires an adapter(sold separately) to be loaded.

*** As this rack is a hand-made product, minor scratches/dots may exist on the surface.

**** For the quality improvement, design & parts are subject to change without prior notice.

How to Order :

A. Let us know your Vehicle Model name, Year of production & Distance (inch or cm) between the Floor hooks first, BEFORE issuing an order. It’s because we can’t ship the proper parts combinations without the information.

B. Issue an order after you received a confirmation letter from us.

‘ BikePass Duo’ User Guide