Bike&Tool is currently offering the Bicycle Maintenance Services for the MTBs, Road Bikes & Mini-Velos as below.

(Except the Front & Rear shock repairs)


Daily Services:

♠ Service Items:           Flat tire repair, Tube/Tire Exchange, Lubrication, Hydraulic Disc Brake

                                         Bleeding, Wheel Truing & Many other Parts Exchanges/Adjustments

♠ Service Costs:           We follow the generally accepted service costs.


Partial Overhaul Services:

♠ Service Items:            Shimano Hub overhaul, BB(Bottom Bracket) overhaul,

                                          Hydraulic Disc Brake overhaul etc.

♠ Service Costs:            We follow the generally accepted service costs.


Bike Overhaul Service:

♠ Service Details:         Detaching all the parts from the frame. Cleaning & Lubricating

                                          detached parts & frame. Re-building the bike as before.

                                          (Overhauling Shimano Hubs/BB/Headset are included. Pedal

                                          overhaul/Wheel Truing/Hydraulic Brake Bleeding are excluded.)

♠ Service time:             7 Business days (3 days in winter season)

♠ Service Costs:            100,000 Won (Costs for the Shift Cables exchange is included.)

♠ Special benefit:         Providing Datasheet of the Bike overhauled



Bike&Tool +82-31-949-2921