‘Simple & Easy!’ is our motto,which we pursue every time we make our products.

Bike&Tool does not make bicycles.

Rather, Bike&Tool makes items which did not exist in the market before but nice to have for bicycle riding. We are trying to embody the ideas obtained from bicycle riding in the products.

The ceaseless desire to resolve the problems of ‘why’ or ‘why-not’ is the motivation to let us continuously develop our products.

In late 2014, Bike&Tool has announced ‘BikePass’, an Inside Car Bike Rack for SUV, where so-called ‘3-points Support System’ was adopted for the first time in the market. With this unique design of ‘3-points support’ (Fork support, Rear wheel support & Frame support), Bike&Tool has radically enhanced the stability of bicycles being carried.

We are happy as we are doing what we wanted to do!

November 27, 2014

♠ Key Company Milestones ♠

2013. 03:  Company Established                                                             2014. 04:  ‘BikePass Duo’ Developed & Korea Patent Filed                         2014. 11:  ‘BikePass Duo’ Announced                                                     2015. 05:  ‘BikePass Duo’ Korea Patent Registered & US Patent Filed     2016. 10:  ‘BikePass Trio’ Developed                                                        2016. 12:  ‘BikePass Duo’ US Patent Registered                                    2017. 05:  ‘BikePass Trio’ Announced

  Bike&Tool’s Patents:

150515_특허증[10-2014-0056297]     바이크패스 디자인 등록증     바이크패스 미국특허 표지       바이크패스 미국특허 속지

Images Of Our Workplace

Bike&Tool Frontview_2016